Beginning/End of Semester and IAP Hacks

Registration Day Hacks

Registration Day, which heralds the beginning of classes, usually signals the end of a period of rest (IAP or Summer) and the beginning of another semester. Hackers often like to pull hacks on Registration Day, to ensure that everyone starts the new semester in a good mood.

End-of-Semester Hacks

The end of the semester, by contrast, is the light at the end of the tunnel for most students. This light is not merely the headlight of an oncoming train, but is more like an explosion at the bottom of the mine shaft. However, despite the fact that the end of the semester is the period when students have the least amount of time for pulling hacks, it's the time when everyone most needs a good hack to keep their sanity.

IAP Hacks

The January Independent Activities Period (IAP) also gives hackers lots of free time to work on and pull hacks while taking a break from their classes.