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Smurfs in Lobby 7

Location: Lobby 7
Date: 11/15-20/90

Lobby 7, located at the west-end of the Infinite Corridor and just across from the student center, is a major through-way on campus, especially right around the hour as people rush to and from classes and activities. In mid-November, 1990, one group of hackers took this as an opportunity to entertain passers-by with an hourly musical interlude.

The hackers hid a cassette player with speakers in the inside of the little dome. A timer triggered music which played from 5-minutes before the hour to 5-minutes past the hour -- the peak traffic period. The music included:

Coupling the acoustical properties of the dome with the omnidirectional nature of sound, the music prevaded the lobby but was not easily localized by the casual observer.

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