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6.001 Spellbook

Location: 10-250
Date: 5/7/92

Students filing into 10-250 for one of their last few lectures in 6.001, were met, as usual, with an assortment of handouts. True to habit, each student took one of each and found a seat in the lecture hall. Once seated, the students began to take inventory of their latest batch of course paperwork. During this inventory it became clear that one of these handouts did not match the normal flow of material -- either the class was going to take a strange twist, or someone slipped a hack handout into the distribution piles.

The anomalous handout was a fold-up book of ``spells'' which played on both the course's magical theme and many of the various trials students experienced during the course.

The course staff was amused. After the class, they tracked down the source code used to produce the hack handout and expressed their approval.

The hackers were, of course, pleased with the warm reception given their hack and replied suitably.

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