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$10,000 Bill Mural at the Cashier's Office

Location: The wall outside room 10-180 (the Cashier's Office)
Date: March 3 through 19, 1993

A mural depicting a $1 bill has adorned the wall outside the Cashier's Office in the infinite corridor since the early 1970's. The mural is supposed to be suggestive of the transactions one might conduct in the adjoining office, but anyone who tried to pay a semester's tuition with $1 bills would be carrying a stack of bills about three feet high.

Hackers decided to counteract this dilemma by changing the bill to a $10,000 bill--of which only one would be needed to pay a semester's tuition. Appropriately, the new mural appeared the day MIT announced the tuition increase for the following year.

The hack was constructed in the same manner as theater ``flats'' and anchored with a series of clamps. The hackers distributed a press release explaining the motivation for the hack and the details of construction.

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