The Freshman Fishwrap / IHTFP Hack

Cannibals at MIT

Location: Kresge Oval
Date: 8/26/93 (Thursday Night Dinners)

abduction in progress

One of the many traditions during Residence/Orientation (R/O) Week at MIT is the Thursday Night Dinners. On the night before rush starts, upperclassmen bring groups of freshmen to various restaurants in the area to help introduce them to dining out in the Boston area. The upperclassmen stand in Kresge Oval holding signs for the name of the restaurant to which they are going and/or the type of food served there. When they have collected a sufficient number of freshmen, they all head for the restaurant.

For the 1993 Thursday Night Dinners, the freshmen had a new alternative. A new student group, Cannibals at MIT, had brought a large cauldron (made of papier-maché over a wood frame) and a table with place settings. There was a sign proclaiming ``Please wait to be served'' near the table. Menus were given to the ``customers.''

The Cannibals, wearing gray T-shirts that said ``freshman dinners'' in a cauldron on the front, and ``eat me'' written cleverly with bones on the back, ran through the crowd measuring several freshman, searching for the ``perfect specimen.'' When the right ``freshman'' was found, the Cannibals grabbed him, carried him to the pot, and threw him in.

Please, Wait to be
Served... Closeup of Table Waiter Cannibals attend to
dinner preperations

After the ``freshman'' was in the pot, the cannibals danced around the cauldron chanting while the chef cut vegetables and added them to the cauldron, stirring occasionally. ``Steam'' continually rose from the cauldron.

A few additional pictures are still pending permissions...

A description and several pictures of this hack appear on pages 17-19 of "Is This The Way To Baker House?": A Compendium of MIT Hacking Lore

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