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Screen-saved IAP Windows

Location: Infinite Corridor, IAP Bulletin Board (outside 3-108)
Date: 4/18-30?/94

Before: ... After:

During the Spring of 1994, the IAP bulletin board in the Infinite Corridor had its title done up to look like a motif/mac/windows desktop. The title read "IAP 1995, your window of opportunity."

On 4/18/94, Hackers covered over the bulletin board with black paper, then decorated the black background with flying toasters -- modeled after a popular screen saver (After Dark). As a final touch, the screen saved bulletin board sported a logout box which said "If you need to use this bulletin board, click here to log iap1995 out" -- modelled after the logout buttons associated with the screen saver students use on Athena workstations.

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