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Pei Toilet

Location: Media Lab (E15 -- East side, outer wall)
Date: 1/27/94 (Spring Term Registration Day)

Since its construction, students have often remarked that the Wiesner Building, with its white tile exterior, looks like an inside-out bathroom. Since the building's architect is I. M. Pei '40, the building is often called the "Pei Toilet" in jest. On registration day for Spring semester, 1994, students turned this verbal wordplay into a hack, taking an opportunity to parody a number of other current events on campus in the process.

The Hack was accompanied by a flyer explaining how the Pay Toilet would solve many of MIT's current problems. [Inside] [Outside]

The Pei Toilet was decorated with various MIT-related graffiti.

This was probably the first hack ever to be "covered" first in electronic media. The Freshman Fishwrap ran an article while the hack was still up.

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