The Freshman Fishwrap / IHTFP Hack Gallery

Tich Tolk

Location: Lobby Seven Distribution
Date: Spring, 1994

Periodically, students produce hack copies of MIT periodicals. During the Spring term of 1994, this hack issue of Tech Talk, the official paper produced by the MIT News Office, appeared on newstands where one would expect to the find theTech Talk.

Hack periodicals have generally come out about once a term. Unfortunatley, our documentation on them is currently scant. We would like to document other hack periodicals (The Dreck, The Wreck, The Daily Reamer, The Whistle, The AnalCyst, FoCus, etc.). Please, mail any information you may have to the gallery staff ( Particularly, if you have old copies, we would appreciate getting a good photocopy of at least the banner page and perhaps the entire issue.

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