The Freshman Fishwrap / IHTFP Hack

The Great Beanie

Location: Great Dome
Date: 9/27/96

The morning after the September 26th lunar eclipse, a giant working propeller beanie appeared atop the Great Dome.

The spinning propeller blades were accompanied by a red cloth stripe that gave the impression that the dome itself was a striped beanie cap. The people seen in this photo are from MIT Physical Plant's Confined Space Rescue Team, which removed the hack at around 9 am.

The hackers must have anticipated this, because the Confined Space Rescue Team's truck was itself the victim of a hack:

Labelled "MIT Hack Removal Team," the truck sported icons for Entertainment and Hacking, Piano on the Dome, Smiley on the Sail, CP Car on the Dome, and IHTFP on Building 10. These are all hacks which the "Hack Removal Team" had taken down.

In addition, the hood of the truck displayed the words HACK REMOVAL, written backwards, and the back of the truck sported a Hackbusters logo and an I BRAKE FOR HACKS bumper sticker.

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