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Al Gore Buzzword Bingo

Location: Killian Court
Date: 6/7/96 (Commencement)
Perpetrators: 1996 Graduates

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Vice-President Al Gore, known for his technological advocacy, spoke at MIT's 1996 graduation. Gore's speeches regularly included buzzwords hyping technology, including the infamous "information superhighway."

In a hack perpetrated by the entire graduating class, the audience played Bingo with the vice-president's speech. As students lined up for graduation, hackers distributed Bingo cards to the graduating students. Instead of numbers, each square included a familiar Gore-buzzword. The card instructed participants to mark off the buzzwords as they were mentioned during the Vice-President's speech and to hold up their card when they got five in a row or across a diagonal.

The cards were apparently brought to the attention of Gore before the speech. At one point during his speech, graduating Sloan School students cheered. Gore acknowledged the outburst with the question, "Did I say a buzzword?"

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