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Location: E40-Window on 3rd floor
Date: ????, 1996
Perpetrators: I/S Staff (?)

At MIT, space is precious and money wields power. Richer departments have more clout than poorer departments, and can-and sometimes do-take over the space of their neighbors-for the right price-of course.

In 1996, the Sloan School of Management deciding that its recently built Tang Center (E51, not to be confused with Tang Hall, a graduate dormitory) was not sufficient for its growing needs and started eyeing the land inhabited by its neighbor: I/S (Information Systems) which provides computer and software support for the general MIT community.

After some negotiations, it was agreed that Sloan would begin taking over parts of E40 starting with the 3rd floor. Sloan of course, wanted to connect the new space to Tang Center, and planned to build a bridge across the road.....as soon as possible. This hack was I/S's humorous response.

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