Wile E. Coyote smashes into Rotch Library Wall

Location: Corridor connecting 3rd floor of Building 9 and 2nd floor of Building 7
Date: IAP 1998
Perpetrators: unknown

MIT's main campus is composed of a large collection of interconnected buildings which have been built and rennovated over its 8+ decades at the Cambridge campus. This results in all kinds of ``odd'' connections and spaces. This hack played on two such oddities.

When the Rotch Architecture Library was added on to Building 7, its entrance took over a space that had previously been a hallway between buildings 7 and 9. This left a corridor in building 9 which now dead-ended into a wall on the north side of the new library. Since Building 9 was built much later than Building 7, its ground floor is lower than building 7's. Consequently, there is only a short flight of stairs which connects what is the third floor of Building 9 to the second floor of Building 7. The result is a short flight of stairs that now leads to a short corridor that immediately ends in a wall.

During IAP 1998, hackers decided the dead-end corridor was reminiscent of a Coyote---Road-runner cartoon and adorned the dead-end with an ACME Instant Tunnel, complete with a smashed Coyote who, no doubt, fell victim to his own ruse.

This hack mural still adorns the wall.

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