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Talking Elevators in W20

Location:W20 elevators
Date: Registration Day, Fall 1998
Perpetrators: unknown

The normally quiet (or, at least, inarticulate) elevators in the Stratton Student Center (W20) began announcing the floors. Hackers had, apparently, tapped into the elevator floor signalling to provide a more informative (or amusing), audible cue to the current destination of the elevator.

Each of the two elevators apparently had its own personallity.

FloorEast Elevator says... West Elevator says...
Basement Video arcade, post office, bowling alley. There's a basement? Who knew?
First FloorFirst floor: Ice cream, groceries, empty storefronts, and the real world. Expensive groceries, expensive banking, expensive clothing, expensive food.
Second Floor Greasy food, student art, and the airport lounge. Black leather, twisted art, and pango-pango wood.
Third FloorAddictions. Caffeine, sugar, Athena 24-hour coffeehouse. Hours may vary.
Fourth FloorAPO, ESP, MTG, SFS, SWE, *LSC*... Charity, religion, truth, fiction, Assassins.
Fifth Floor It's not too late to turn back now. If you lived here, you'd be home now.
Random (bonus)This is not the hack you're looking for.

Rumor has it that, a campus police officer stepped into the East elevator on the second floor shortly after the hack had become operational. Just then, the elevator decided to announce: ``This is not the hack you're looking for.''

Shown below are pictures of the hack electronics which physical plant found in the elevators.

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