The Vacuum Is Our Master

Location: Lobby 16 vending machine
Date: Spring 2000
Perpetrators: unknown

In the Spring of 2000, a new type of ice cream machine appeared in Lobby 16. It contained a freezer and a large suction arm. When money was inserted, the lid would open. When an item was selected, the suction arm would move over to the appropriate point, descend, and pick up an unsuspecting product for delivery to the vending slot.

Seeing a similarity between the ice cream bars and the three-eyed and green aliens in the movie Toy Story, hackers put some of the little Toy Story aliens in along with the ice cream bars. In the movie, the aliens live in a toy bin and fanatically worship the claw that delivers them to waiting children.

In addition to putting some of the little green aliens inside the vending machine, the hackers also put text on the clear window of the machine which read:

The vacuum is our master!
The vacuum chooses who will go
and who will stay!

See the vacuum in motion as it delivers a poor, helpless Dove ice cream bar to its doooom:

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