Gnome Infestation

Location: W20-575 Athena cluster
Date: 2003.04.23
Perpetrators: unknown

On April 23, hundreds of gnomes invaded the w20-575 Athena cluster in the MIT Student Center. The gnomes were of all shapes and sizes.

Hand painted plaster gnomes ranged from the very traditional to the very... unique.

Downstairs in the Student Center, a large gnome and some minions watched over The Source...

Hoards of tiny plastic gnomes were *very* busy...

In the reading room, an army hoisting the GNOME project banner and marched on towards studying students.

Outside of the SIPB office, a gnome resembling Marc Horowitz and wearing a floppy hat showed up to greet visitors.

Various large gnomes found their way into the cluster...

One gnome was trapped outside and looked *very* cold...

... and posters appeared around the area advertising for Acme Gnome Exterminators.

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