Post-It Art on Media Test Wall

Location: List Center Media Test Wall in Lobby 56
Date: 2003.04.01

On the morning of April Fools Day, 2003, passers-by of the List Center Media Test Wall were greeted by a likeness of a dragon that was made of 2550 Post-It notes. The Wall is a large rear-projection screen that contains various forms of visual art. The image consisted of 50x51 grid of 1.5" square Post-Its. The image was the likeness of Trogdor the Burninator who comes from a Flash animation which has gained moderate popularity (and which has an associated silly video game).

Accompanying the art was a poster with a description of the artwork:

Trogdor in the Raw --- A Post-It Tribute

Trogdor was a man, or maybe he was a dragon-man, or maybe he was just a dragon. In any case Trogdor has meant a lot to very many people. Some revered him as a god, others an idol, and many just the best damn dragon with the catchiest tune in all of history. Trogdor's popularity spread rapidly since his pencil and paper beginnings (shown on the left) and came into his own with the inception of his very own video game (shown bottom right). Staying true to his character, this video game featured severe peasant stomping action coupled with rock 'em, sock 'em burnination action. One could say that this video game burninated the charts, becoming a huge success. It is in his honor that we lay tribute!

The art was taken down by 10am, but the List Center Staff left a note at the scene that read as follows:

To Whom It May Concern
Thank you for your April 1 contribution to the Media Test Wall.
The MIT List Visual Arts Center
[handwritten] You may claim your Post-Its at the List Center, E25-109.

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