Spaceman Spiff Crashes into the Small Dome

Location: The small dome and Lobby 7.
Date: First day of classes, Feb. 3, 2007.
Perpetrators: WHO

On the first day of classes in the spring 2004 semester, a replica of spaceman spiff's ship appeared to have crashed into the small dome. Spaceman Spiff (Calvin's alter ego) was hanging in Lobby 7 with his ray-gun. Part of the note left by hackers read, "I'm really sorry I crashed my spaceship into the dome. The Zorg ambush known as the first day of classes was on me."

After a few hours, spiff remained hanging in lobby 7, but his head fell off and landed on one of the pedestals. The hack was completely taken down by 11 am.

These flyers were also found postered around while the hack was up.

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