Amusing No Trespassing signs around campus

Location: All over campus
Date: Finals week of fall 2004. Many stickers stayed up for monthes.

In early 2004, little black stickers were put on all the doors in the institute that essentially say "No trespassing, authorized personel, students, faculty and staff only, etc." and the blindingly obvious "in the event of an emergency, this is an exit".

During finals week of fall 2004, some nifty variants on these stickers showed up all over campus on almost every door leading to the outside. There were many different varieties of these humorous psuedo-warning stickers, and a few of them are shown here. The stickers looked so genuine that they could still be found in various places around MIT monthes after the hack went up.

The above sticker is a parody of the "Ceci n'est pas un hack" April Fools hack in 2000.

This last one was particularly amusing when seen on the doors to building 32 (Stata) because of the complete lack of right angles in the building.

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