Vannevar Shrubbery Room

Location: "10-105.5" in the Infinite Corridor
Date: 2004.09.15

At some point, the entrance to the "Vannevar Bush Room" moved around the corner from its previous location in the Infinite Corridor. This left an alcove behind. On the morning of September 15, 2004, hackers "replaced" the alcove with a room. With its door closed, "10-105.5" (the "Vannevar Shrubbery Room") looked just like many of the other doors on the Infinite Corridor and went unnoticed by many passers-by:

However, behind the door was a small and lit room that contained a shrubbery and some paintings. The most prominent of the paintings was of one of the "Knights who say 'Ni'!" from Monty Python's Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Three paintings graced the walls inside the room:

The door was lettered to proclaim the room to be 10-105.5 as the alcove used to be the entrance to 10-105.

Inside, the wood bracing held the wall and doorway facade in-place:

Many onlookers were perlexed by the room as the passed by and opened its door out of curiousity.

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