Caltech vs. MIT

Location: Facade of building 7
Date: CPW weekend, 2005

During CPW 2005, and group of undergrads from Caltech came to MIT to pull some pranks. At the Activities Midway, they handed out shirts which had "MIT" on the front and "because not everyone can go to Caltech" on the back. They also released balloons in lobby 7 which said "CIT." Inflatable palm trees were also found around campus in well-known hacking locations such as the tomb of the unknown tool and on the small dome. That same weekend, a graduate student at MIT (who must have done their undergrad at Caltech) wrote "CALTECH ->" in scrolling letters on the side of the green building in green laser.

The group from Caltech also placed a banner over the writing above 77 Mass. Ave. which changed "Massachusetts Institute of Technology" to "That Other Institute of Technology." MIT hackers quickly responded by modifying the banner so the sign read "The Only Institute of Technology."

The Caltech students started a website ( to "keep score"in what they hoped would be a great rivalry. However, the domain is now owned by a different group and no longer documents the pranks.

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