Mario Brothers in Infinite Corridor

Location: Infinite Corridor
Date: December 14, 2005

Right before finals week in Fall 2005, hackers transformed the infinite into a level from the class Nintendo Mario Bros. game.

In addition to the paper scenery on the walls, there were vines and characters hanging from the stairwells

The projector in the infinte that usually plays advertisments was also hijacked to play a mario time trial.

Lobby 7 was also a part of this hack. Above the 4 pedestals in lobby 7 were 4 characters from Mario. Hanging from the skylight was one of the famous green pipes with mario emerging from the bottom. There was also a high scores banner in the lobby, and the information kiosk in the lobby even had a playable version of mario. Best of all, the mario theme music was echoing through the lobby.

To top off the whole mario level, the small dome had a triangular "level finish" flag protruding from the top.

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