"Peace, Love, and Linux Penguins" in condoms

Location: Skylight of the 32-123 lecture hall
Date: Around April 6, 2006 during CPW

In early April of 2006, the skylight of the 32-123 lecture hall was adorned with a "Peace, Love, and Linux/Penguins" logo made out of multi-colored condoms. A small MIT logo was also placed in one of the skylight panels.

The logo, which consists of a peace symbol, a heart, and a penguin, was at the center of a controversial viral marketing campaign for Linux sponsored by IBM. The original marketing campaign involved sidewalk graffiti and took place in April of 2001, five years before this hack.

The lecture hall also contained pro-Linux flyers with the Linux penguin "Tux" and the message "Practice Safe Hex --- Avoid Computer Viruses Today!"

Some of the colorful condoms were also scattered around the lecture hall.

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