Yellow cranks around campus

Location: Campus-wide, including a large crank on the side of the Media Lab
Date: February 18, 2007

Hackers installed almost 100 yellow cranks across campus in the style of those that power the Media Lab's "One Laptop Per Child" (OLPC) laptops. A large yellow crank was placed on the side of the Media Lab itself.

The OLPC project has been receiving significant international media attention as it aims to distribute laptops costing slightly over $100 to millions of children in the developing world. The hand-cranks are installed on some of the laptops with the expectation that some of them will be used by students in villages without reliable power.

In a statement released to The Tech, the hackers said that the crank hack was "in recognition of MIT's Energy Initiative and the $100 Laptop Project."

Cranks were placed on objects ranging from Athena workstations, various doors, a campus map, and even a restroom sign.

A poster accompanying some of the cranks described them as being "destined to forever change the way MIT views energy conservation and policy" and as having "already [increased] the campus's energy efficiency by 0.0005%."

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