6-120 Quantum Physics Last Day of Classes

Location: Classroom 6-120
Date: May 13, 2010

For the last day of classes, hackers decorated the 6-120 lecture hall (home of the class 8.04 Quantum Physics) with various (often obscure) quantum physics-related jokes. On the ledge above the chalkboards, they placed a stuffed spherical cow, a banner with a set of 'modified' Maxwell's Laws, a 1-dimensional tricycle, a Quantum Dot experiment created with M-and-Ms, an aquarium demonstrating the effect of field drag, a banner explaining the necessity of research, and -- a knotted ball of string to signify the confusing nature of String Theory. The front table got a pair of unicorns (proving the possibilty of magnetic monopoles) -- one in an Erlenmeyer Flask and one in a Faraday Cage, an assortment of hats representing how students feel at different parts of the course, and a Mathematician Storage Box next to the table for occaisions when a real mathematician is called for. At the back row of the classroom, the hackers installed a throne marked Scott A. Hughes -- in honor of his newly attained tenure, and replacing his Adam J. Burgasser Endowed Chair -- below a portrait of Scott in his divine attire. Lastly, a few posters of invisible monkeys rounded out the decorations.

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