Invasion MIT

Location: Lobby 7
Date: December 14, 2011

On the morning of December 14, 2011, MIT awoke to discover that the Infinite Corridor had been invaded. Thousands of army men swarmed up the walls, marched across door frames, and hid on the underside of stair railings. They clustered in odd formations - walking through, you might notice a pikachu, a golden rectangle, the dome, xkcd references, a new-and-improved men's restroom sign, several beavers and more scattered along the walls.

The crowning achievement of this invasion was a portrait of President Susan Hockfield, rendered in green and grey army men, with the inscription: "President Hockfield, We have waged infinite battles against our ruthless enemy known as term. But rest assured, victory is at hand. We will fight to brighten up MIT. Please accept this portrait made from the sacrifices of my soldiers to brighten your day. May you win your battles just as we prepare to defeat our finals once again in this infinite war. General Jack Florey"

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