The Enemy's Gate is Down

Location: Lobby 7
Date: Ender's Game movie release

Lobby 7 was transformed overnight into the battle school from the famous novel, Ender's Game, the day of the release of its filmification.

The assembly included life-sized humanoid figures spanning all three stories of the lobby, and above. The center piece consisted figures both suspended and on resting ground level, in the center of a construction barrier that had been in the lobby prior to the hack's appearance.

The signs around the construction barrier had been modified to say "The Enemy's Gate Is Down," likely homage to a quote from the inspirational novel's protagonist, and fitting with the depiction.

The central arrangement was positioned on what appeared to be a door or portal, and which looked perhaps intentionally similar to the tarp above from the construction

In addition to the assembly in Lobby 7, three banners appeared hanging between the columns of building 10, below the great dome, bearing symbols similar to army mascots mentioned in the book.

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