Celebrating Pixar

Location: Lobby 7, Building 18/56 Skybridge
Date: 20-year Anniversary of Pixar's first feature film release: "Toy Story"

Hackers celebrate 20 year of Pixar, to the day, during Splash 2015.

A balloon house was aloft in Lobby 7, like from Pixar's 2009 film, "Up," accompanied by a banner.

Buzz Lightyear carried Woody under the skybridge connecting buildings 18 and 56, like in the climactic scene near the end of Pixar's first film, "Toy Story," which debuted Nov 22nd, 1995.

Above Buzz and Woody, Ham dangled from Slinky.

A banner beside the installment read the famous Buzz quote, "To Infinity and Beyond."

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