Senior House Tombstone

Location: Kresge Oval

In response to MIT's announcement that it would displace all current residents of Senior House, the oldest dorm on MIT campus, and replace the dorm with a program it called Pilot 2021, students placed a tombstone in Kresge Oval for both Senior House and the four-years-expired Bexley.

To show their support for Senior House, living groups across campus hung banners with the Senior House logo inverted, bearing the new phrase "Sport Solidarity", including: Baker, McCormick, Burton Conner, Random, East Campus, Next, MacGregor, Simmons, Student, Epsilon Theta, tEp, pika, Kappa Alpha Theta, and AEPhi. These banners are still up now.

Current information about the movement to support Senior House can be found here, including links to petitions urging MIT to use survey data responsibly and to preserve Senior House's murals.

Press coverage of MIT's decision to evict Senior House residents, admitting only select students, and eventually to admit no undergraduates at all and convert the space into a graduate dorm, has reached such outlets as Quartz, Forbes, and NPR.

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