Best of the Gallery

For newcomers, the IHTFP Gallery staff presents a selection of some of the most spectacular and memorable hacks in recent history. These classics range from subtle hacks that were in plain sight for days to widely-viewed hacks that garnered national media attention.

The Fleming Cannon from Caltech's Fleming Hovse was transported to MIT by the Howe & Ser Moving Company, receiving international media publicity. The cannon was subsequently retrieved by members of Caltech's Fleming House. The cannon appeared during MIT's Campus Preview Weekend and during the 20th anniversary of Harvey Mudd's original heist of the cannon.
Just a couple of days before the summer 1999 openning of Phantom Menace, MIT's great dome is transformed into the likeness of R2-D2.
MIT's Great Dome is adorned to look like a propeller beanie, complete with a to scale propeller that would actually spin (1996).
1994 Changed Inscription in Lobby 7
Hackers changed the inscription on the inside of Lobby 7 from "Established for advancement and development of science and its application to industry arts agriculture and commerce" to "Established for advancement and development of science and its application to industry arts entertainment and hacking".
1994 CP Car on the Great Dome
Hackers placed a convincing replica of a campus police cruiser on the Great dome.
1993 VU Meter on the Green Building
To accompany the Boston Pops' July 4th, 1993 concert and fireworks display, hackers turned the top of MIT's tallest building into the world's largest sound (VU) meter.
For Halloween, Lobby Seven was turned into an elaborate cathedral.
Welcoming incoming president Charles Vest, hackers made his office "disappear" by hiding the entrance behind a bulletin board for his first day on the job..