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Harvard Yard Plate

Location: Harvard and 3-208 (President's Office)
Date: 9/13/90
Group: Mole Hole

Harvard is a university vested in traditions. In 1990, they started new tradition. As part of freshman orientation, The Yard Plate, an 11'' by 20'' silver-plated plater, is hidden in Harvard Yard. The Harvard freshmen must then scour the Yard in search of the plate.

Also in 1990, a group of MIT Hackers going by the name Mole Hole introduced the Harvard frosh to an even more long-standing tradition -- being hacked by MIT.

The MIT students liberated The Yard Plate from the office of the dean of freshmen at Harvard and delivered it to the office of Paul Gray '54, the President of the Institute at the time, along with a note.

Understanding the importance of traditions, Paul Gray gathered his associates, donned full academic regalia, and promptly returned The Yard Plate to Harvard so their tradition could continue on schedule.

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The Tech carried an article: Hack brings Yard Plate to campus.

The Tech Talk also carried an article Academic Regalia: School Year Opens With a Prank.

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