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Anchors Away (Reprise)

Location: Ralph Landau Building (Bldg. 66)
Date: March 1992

Building 66, the Ralph Landau building, was designed by I.M. Pei and has the footprint of a giant 3-4-5 triangle. Combined with the myriad smokestack-like exhausts upon its roof, the building bears a significant resemblance to a ship. During the building's dedication in 1975, the residents of 3E, East Campus (a dormitory right next to the building), lowered an anchor over the building's "bow," displayed a banner that christened the building as the "USS Landau" (one account claims it was the "USS Ralphie"; other claim it was "USS Tetazoo"), and blasted "Anchors Aweigh" on their stereos. It is said that construction workers also dropped an anchor over the side, though it is not clear which event happened first. (Please refer to the IHTFP book for more details).

In a continuation of the nautical theme, a giant anchor and chain appeared off the side of Building 66 late one night in early 1992. The chain was thirty feet long, made up of four foot-long links that were over two feet wide. Though it looked extremely heavy, closer inspections showed the chain and its anchor were actually composed of black garbage bags over wire. The hack was hung from the roof and dangled down the southern face of the building, near the angular point that overlooks Ames Street.

Apparently deployment problems caused part of the anchor to become bent out of shape, but for a while, Building 66 sported yet another symbol of a nautical theme.

The hack was removed promptly by Physical Plant.

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