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Hartley Rogers, Jr. for President

Location:10-250 and campus-wide
Date:Election '92 (10/27-11/3 /92)

How do students show respect for their favorite Institute Professors? Nominate them for awards? Give them rousing applause after their final lecture? ...or run them for president of the United States?

Faced with a choice between Bill Clinton, Ross Perot, and George Bush for their first presidential election, freshman in the class of 1996 decided their 18.02 (multivariable calculus) professor, Hartley Rogers, Jr., was a much more suitable candidate. Consequently, they took their civic responsibility seriously and ran an Institute-wide campaign to gather write-in votes for their preferred candidate.

Their campaign slogan was ``Hartley Rogers, the INTUITIVELY OBVIOUS choice for President,'' playing on a phrase Professor Rogers often used to point out logical steps which were so obvious as to not require detailed proof. The campain included banners and flyers, and culminated on election day with a visit by Mr. Roger's Trolley and a playing of the theme song from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood during 18.02 lecture.

An article in The Tech right after the election describes the hack in some detail.

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