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Hacking Series Committee Spring 1993 Calendar

Location: DuPont Gymnasium (at Registration)
Date: January 28, 1993

The Lecture Series Committee (LSC) distributes its calendars for the following semester starting on Registration Day. In the Spring of 1993, hackers created a facsimile which had the same layout as that semester's LSC calendar, so that students on Registration Day could choose either calendar. The hack organization was called the "Hacking Series Committee," and the calendar listed hacks that were "scheduled" during the semester.

LSC acknowledged the hack by running slides the weekend after it appeared. The first one said:

"Oops. The Hacking Series Committee neglected to mention starting times for all events. All HSC events will start after the end of the last LSC movie of the night. "

The second slide told people about the hack and advised them to make sure they got an LSC calendar. It's also amusing to note that HSC advertised lectures, while the Lecture Series Committee did not.

The Spring 1993 LSC Calendar:

The Spring 1993 HSC Calendar

Individual Months

These links are to pages that contain blow-ups of each month, plus selected text, to facilitate comparison of the two calendars.





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