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Great Dome Pumpkin [Reprise]

Location:Building 10 (Great Dome)
Date:10/31/94 (Halloween)

On Halloween of 1994, hackers turned the Great Dome into a huge orange pumpkin, in a reprise of a hack that was first done by ATO fraternity on Halloween, 1962 (as documented on the cover and page 13 of The Journal of the Institute for Hacks, TomFoolery, and Pranks at MIT).

The face of the pumpkin was made of triangular piceces of black cloth which were strung together and hung from the dome and retaining wall. The orange color was provided by placing orange gels over the lights that illuminate the dome.

N.B.: According to rumors that circulated through MIT soon after this hack, the group which put up the pumpkin may have caused some damage to the Institute while pulling their hack. If this is true, the Gallery staff would like to voice their disapproval of the techniques used. (cf. our page of "Hacker Ethics".)

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