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Happy Vector Day

Location: Lobby 7, Athena Clusters, assorted hallways
Date: December 13, 1994

As the end of the term nears, pressure mounts, and students increasingly focus on final projects and finals. Lightening the spirits of this tense time, hackers declared one Tuesday ``Happy Vector Day''.

A huge black vector pointing down into Lobby 7 announced this often overlooked holiday. The login banner on Athena workstation found the traditional ``Welcome to Athena'' message replaced by ``Happy Vector Day!'' Corridors and hallways throughout the Institute were spotted with vectors, pointing the way to classrooms, indicating coordinate systems (for music categories, politcal systems, or happiness), or just pointing off into space. In Professor Toomre's 18.023 class [vector calculus], a commemorative problem set was distributed with the legend ``Happy Vector Day!''

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