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Jurassic Research Labs

Location:Building 68 (Biology Building)
Date:10/7/94 (Building Dedication)

On October 7th, MIT dedicated the newest addition to its physical plant, the $70 million biology complex. As of the dedication, the building's only official designation is ``Building 68'' (See, for example, The Tech dedication article).

bio bridge banner Ames St. bridge banner

MIT Hackers, however, were not content to let the building pass its dedication without a proper name. Two banners unfurled during the dedication festivities proclaiming the building as ``Jurassic Research Labs,'' after the popular 1993 movie, Jurassic Park. In the movie, ``Jurassic Park'' is high-tech dinosaur theme park which was allegedly made possible using advanced gene sequencing techniques to recreate dinosaur DNA. An inflatable, winged dinosaur hung from one of the banners.

Inside the building, many of the room nameplates proclaimed their affiliation with ``Jurassic Research Labs.''

small nameplate picture

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