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``MIT Card Coming Soon'' Posters

Location: 56, 66, E25, and assorted other campus locations
Date: September 5, 1995

MIT recently added a magnetic card access system in its attempt to increase campus security. As part of the East Campus security project, card readers were scheduled to be deployed on traditionally open entrances and throughways on the East side of campus in order to limit access to those locations. At the beginning of the 1995-96 school year, posters were put up on the affected areas to warn students and staff of the coming changes.

On registration day, a second set of ``less official'' posters appeared along side the original posters and on other traditionally open campus access points including rest rooms and exterior doors on main campus.

The hack posters played upon the fact that the card reader system created a potential for the Institute to monitor students' movements around campus and made it difficult for alumni and other ``MIT Community'' members to visit campus.

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