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Unabomber Suspect Apprehended in Harvard Yard

Location: Harvard Yard
Date: Monday, April 8, 1996

On Friday April 5, 1996 in Lincoln, MT, the FBI arrested a man suspected to be the Unabomber, responsible for killing three people and injuring 23 with package bombs. The suspect, Theodore John Kaczynski, is a Harvard graduate from the class of 1962.

Since 1994, the FBI has widely circulated the following sketch of the Unabomber.

Thanks to media hype, the white, hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses became an integral part of the description of the Unabomber throughout the last two years. MIT hackers capitalized on this fact, and the suspect was last seen on Monday, April 8 in Harvard Yard, inhabiting the space usually occupied by the statue of John Harvard.

The statue was adorned with a white, hooded sweatshirt, sunglasses, dark curly hair and a moustache, and was handcuffed. The white spots in the photo are snowflakes--the hack occurred during an April snowstorm.

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