The Freshman Fishwrap / IHTFP Hack

Dead Fishbowl

Location: The Fishbowl (building 11 Athena cluster)
Date: February 10, 1997

Hackers decorated the fishbowl and the infinite corridor to make it look like a rock had been thrown through the window of the fishbowl Athena cluster.

There were pieces of plexiglass and paper dead fish all over the floor, both inside and outside the fishbowl.

There were wet footprints leading from the fishbowl to the Student Services office, and a plate of paper sushi outside the Student Services office. There are also reports that a sign reading "Gone Fishin'" was placed on the office door.

The hackers placed a mechanical rubber fish that would flop up and down on top of the xcluster monitor (which shows which clusters have available workstations on campus). The hackers also changed the xlogin image from the Athena owl to a dead fish, whose tail would twitch periodically:

The tail only twiches twice in this animation. Reload the page if you missed it.

This hack was in response to the decision by Student Services to shut down the Fishbowl cluster, proposing to replace it with a new cluster in Building 12.

Hackers sent email to cluster support with a description of the hack.

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