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Gargoyles in Lobby 7

Location: Lobby 7
Date: October 31, 1997 (Halloween)

Just in time for Halloween, hackers placed four large gargoyles around the top of Lobby 7. The gargoyles were placed on a narrow ledge that runs around the base of the dome, four stories above the ground.

Out of the four gargoyles, two were fairly traditional, one resembled a winged Dilbert character, and one resembled a beaver (the MIT mascot) with wings. The four pictures below were taken from the third floor balcony.

Each of the gargoyles was about three feet wide and six feet high (considerably larger than a person). During the mornings, one of the gargoyles was lit from behind by the rising sun shining through a small window that looked in onto the ledge, as show in in the following two pictures.

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