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Banner and posters discussing the implications of infinity equaling 47.2 rods

Location: Lobby 7 and the infinite corridor
Date: May 12, 1997

Banner hanging in lobby 7 View of the banner from outside 77 Mass Ave

During the last week of classes in the spring of 1997, hackers hung a banner in Lobby 7 that proclaimed that because there is one infinite corridor of finite length, infinity must equal 47.2 rods.

Poster on a bulletin board in the infinite corridor Poster on a column in lobby 7

Posters were also placed on columns in Lobby 7 and on bulletin boards in the infinite corridor that discussed the implications of infinity equaling a finite value. Other posters gave conversions to units other units of measurements (such as farad-ohm-knots). The text from many of the posters is available.

Rod markings in the infinite corridor

Signs were also placed up and down the infinite corridor marking it off in units of rods.

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