Funeral Procession For Rush

Location: Killian Court during the Freshman Picture
Date: 2001.08.25
Perpetrators: Jack Florey

After over 30 years of Rush to allow arriving Freshmen to choose dorms, fraternities, and ILGs, the MIT administration declared that Rush of 2001 would end an era. To celebrate the final Rush, a number of hacks appeared around Killian Kickoff (an event that marks the traditional start of Rush).

While Frosh were waiting for the yearly Freshman Picture on the steps of Building 10, a funeral procession for Rush solemnly walked onto Killian Court and held a brief service, leaving a tombstone behind.

The procession of mourners, dressed all in black and led by a trumpeter playing "Taps", walked slowly through Killian with pall-bearers carrying a large tombstone that read:


After circling in front of the Freshmen, they put the tombstone down and held a brief funeral service before walking off.

A number of other hacks celebrated the last-ever Killian Kickoff and mourned the passing of Rush: an inscription adorned the face of Building 10, and the fake fraternity GAG made an appearance.

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