So Long And Thanks For All The Frosh

Location: Facade of Building 10
Date: 2001.08.25

After over 30 years of arriving Freshman rushing for Dorms, Fraternities, and ILGs, the MIT administration declared that Rush of 2001 would end an era. To celebrate the final Rush, a number of hacks appeared around Killian Kickoff (an event that marks the traditional start of Rush).

In one such hack, hackers placed an inscription on the facade of Building 10 that read "SO LONG, AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FROSH". This inscription was clearly visible above Killian Court, where both Killian Kickoff and the Freshman picture took place.

Here we see Freshmen ("Frosh") lining up for the Freshman Picture beneath the hack.

The style of the inscription was very similar to that used in a hack in 1995 where MCMXVI was changed to IHTFP on the Great Dome.

A number of other hacks celebrated the last-ever Killian Kickoff and mourned the passing of Rush: hackers paraded into Killian Court bearing a giant gravestone, and the fake fraternity GAG made an appearance.

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