Playpen balls fall at xkcd lecture

Location: 10-250 lecture hall
Date: During xkcd lecture on May 14, 2007

The creator of a popular webcomic, xkcd gave an LSC lecture in 10-250 at the end of the 2007 spring term. During his lecture, almost 1000 play-pen balls fell from the hatches in the ceiling. Each ball had a sticker a message proclaiming "Our hobby: Posting '...' in public places."

The playpen balls were a reference to one of xkcd's more popular comics, Grownups. The message on the playpen balls was a reference to some of xkcd's comics "My hobby..." as well as the recent uproar from the movie industry about an encryption key for decrypting HD-DVDs being posted in public places on the internet.

Additionally, MIT students brought toy raptors and large inflatable dinosaurs to the lecture in reference to a fear of velociraptors discussed in a number of xkcd comic strips. A super-soaker filled with grape juice was helpfully provided, based on advice from a paleontologist.

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