What's New in the IHTFP Gallery?

2019.07.28 - Added writeups for: Captain America Shield on the Great Dome (2019.04.27)
2019.02.06 - Added writeups for: 3.091 Periodic Table (2018.12.12) , Lobby 7 Disco Ball (2018.02.12) , A Periodic Table and a Candy Cane (2018.12.02-2018.12.17)
2018.07.28 - Added writeups for: Ivy League Champions (2018.04.14) , Office Chair (2018.07.24)
2018.03.22 - Added writeups for: Foam Dinosaur on Kresge (2017.10.23)
2017.12.25 - Added writeups for: Nothing's Impossible Banner in Walker (2017.12.22)
2017.11.14 - Added writeups for: CSAIL Sail (2017.11.12)
2017.10.09 - Added writeups for: GLaDOS in Lobby 7 (2017.10.09)
2017.07.18 - Added writeups for: Senior House Tombstone (2017.06.18)
2017.04.29 - Added writeups for: Earth Day (2017.04.22)
2017.04.25 - Added writeups for: 21 in 7 (2017.04.08)
2017.03.08 - Added writeups for: Pussy Hats for Women's Day (2017.03.08)
2017.02.27 - Added writeups for: Relay For Life (2017.02.27)
2017.02.04 - Added writeups for: Infinite Fortune (2016.10.12) , MacGhosts (2016.10.31) , Traffic Tribute (2017.02.03) , Elevator Buttons (2017.01.15) , Buckyball in 10-250 (2016.12.14) , Mars Rover by Kresge (2016.12.20)
2017.02.03 - Hack, Punt, Tool: Revival!
In IAP 2017, MIT's Musical Theatre Guild staged a revival of the 2012 MIT-hacking musical, Hack, Punt, Tool. A full recording can be found here, and fun behind-the-scenes materials (such as past-and-present cast matchups!) can be found on the Hack, Punt, Tool website.
2016.10.10 - Added writeups for: 2020 Vision Chart (2016.09.07)
2016.09.06 - Added writeups for: 25 Years of Linux (2016.08.25)
2016.08.01 - Added writeups for: Alan Rickman Memorial (2016.01.18) , ExSPONGEd (2016.03.18)
2016.07.31 - Added writeups for: Planes Over North Court (2016.05.09) , CPW Banners Unfurled (2016.04.07)
2016.05.28 - Added writeups for: Tau on the Cow (2015.06.28)
2016.05.26 - Added writeups for: Media Lab Logo (2015.06.01)
2016.05.20 - Added writeups for: Moving Day Beaver (2016.05.07) , Maclaurin's energy vision (2016.05.19)
2016.05.19 - Added writeups for: Captain America (2016.05.08-2016.05.10)
2016.04.12 - Added writeups for: Tribute to David Bowie (2016.01.12)
2016.03.14 - Added writeups for: Drone Invasion (2016.03.14)
2016.03.13 - Added writeups for: Pinatas in Lobby 7 (2015.12.02) , Enemies of the Heir (2015.10.31)
2016.03.10 - Added writeups for: Random's 12th Birthday (2016.02.29) , Infinite Zoo (2015.10.26)
2016.03.08 - Added writeups for: Celebrating Pixar (2015.11.22) , Fallout 4 (2015.11.10)
2016.02.10 - Added writeups for: SpaceX (2016.02.01)
2015.11.15 - Added writeups for: French Flag Projected on Great Dome (2015.11.14)
2015.10.29 - Added writeups for: Jurassic World (2015.04.26)
2015.10.26 - Added writeups for: Arrow Through the Ray Dome (2012.02.14) , Black Hole (2009.09.27)
2015.10.25 - Added writeups for: Hack to the Future (2015.10.21) , New Bexley (2015.10.12) , Music Notes (2009.09.20) , Giant Spider (2010.10.31)
2015.09.19 - Added writeups for: #IStandWithAhmed Clock (2015.09.18)
2015.09.04 - Added writeups for: Hackapult (2015.09.04)
2015.08.30 - Added writeups for: Rainbow 77 (2014.07.15)
2015.08.18 - Added writeups for: MIT Pride (2015.06.26)
2015.06.27 - Added writeups for: Pi in the Sky (2015.03.14)
2015.03.13 - Added writeups for: Pirate Bay Flag (2015.02.01) , Phoebe Wang Memorial (2014.09.25) , Collier's Cranes (2014.04.18)
2015.03.01 - Added writeups for: Caltech Admissions Tube (2014.04.02) , Excellence Awards (2014.02.25)
2015.02.25 - Added writeups for: Castle on a Cloud (2014.10.25)
2015.02.24 - Added writeups for: Snowhenge (2015.01.29)
2015.02.13 - Added writeups for: Welcome Back Hockfield (2013.04.01) , /g/ (2012.05.06) , Freddie on Kresge (2013.09.05) , Olympic Rings Over Briggs (2014.02.08) , The Enemy's Gate is Down (2013.11.03)
2015.02.12 - Added writeups for: Random's 11th Birthday (2012.02.28)
2014.06.06 - Added writeups for: Breaking Bad Alchemist (2013.09.29)
2014.04.22 - Added writeups for: Sean Collier Memorial (2013.04.22)
2014.03.25 - Added writeups for: Thanksgivukkah Dreidel on Building 10 (2013.12.03)
2014.03.04 - Hack Madness
To honor this MIT custom, the MIT Alumni Association is holding Hack Madness: The MIT Tournament of Hacks, a two-week contest to determine the Institute’s greatest hack.
2013.01.23 - Added writeups for: Portal Themed Newton's Cradle (2012.04.18) , Medical Mask on the Alchemist (2013.01.15) , Pacman and Blinky on the Great Dome (2013.01.10)
2013.01.22 - Added writeups for: Mayan's "Final Week" tribute in Lobby 7 (2012.12.17)
2012.04.21 - Added writeups for: Tetris on the Green Building (2012.04.20)
2012.04.20 - Tetris on the Green Building!!!
Someone finally pulled off Tetris on the Green Building and it's up there and live now! More details to come...
2012.04.19 - Added writeups for: Circus in Lobby 7 (2012.04.19)
2012.04.17 - Added writeups for: Dalek on the Stata Center (2012.04.17)
2012.02.06 - Hack, Punt, Tool: a Hacking Musical
MIT's Musical Theatre Guild wrote and is performing a musical about hacking at MIT called Hack, Punt, Tool. Final performances are on the weekend of February 9th, with tickets available through MTG's website.
2012.01.19 - Added writeups for: November Rule (2011.11.11)
2012.01.18 - Added writeups for: Invasion MIT (2011.12.14)
2012.01.11 - Added writeups for: 1000 xkcd Comics in Lobby 7 (2012.01.11)
2011.11.13 - Added writeups for: V for Vendetta (2011.11.05)
2011.10.09 - Added writeups for: Apple Logo in Memory of Steve Jobs (2011.10.06)
2011.10.06 - Added writeups for: Cheat Code to the Dome (2011.09.03) , Nyan Cat in Lobby 7 (2011.09.06) , 10th Anniversary of 9/11 (2011.09.11)
2011.08.27 - Added writeups for: Wikipedia 10th Anniversary (2011.01.15) , 18.02 Last Day of Classes (2010.12.09)
2011.08.26 - Added writeups for: Relay For Life (2011.03.09)
2011.08.25 - Added writeups for: Alchemist's Internal Organs (2011.02.03)
2011.01.29 - TARDIS travels through time and space
After appearing at MIT in September 2010, the TARDIS traveled though space to the west coast. It was spotted at both Caltech and Berkeley in January 2011. Although in our timeline it appeared at MIT, Caltech and then Berkeley, who of us can tell in which order the Doctor visited these institutions of high learning?
2010.08.27 - Added writeups for: TARDIS on building 7, great dome, and beyond (2010.08.25)
2010.07.30 - Added writeups for: Engineered Body Parts Display (2010.02.07-2010.02.10)
2010.07.27 - Added writeups for: Upside-Down Lounge appears near the Media Lab (2010.04.08) , 6-120 Quantum Physics Last Day of Classes (2010.05.13) , Watchmen Banner in Lobby 7 (2009.04.06) , Galileo 400th Anniversary (2010.03.16) , Pluto's Birthday in Lobby 7 (2010.02.18)
2009.05.18 - Added writeups for: Apollo Lunar Module on the Great Dome (2009.05.17) , Statue of the goddess Athena in Killian Court (2009.05.18)
2009.05.18 - Two hacks in Killian Court today
There are currently two hacks visible in Killian Court today: an Apollo Lunar Module on the Great Dome and a large statue of the Greek goddess Athena.
2009.04.17 - Added writeups for: "Creative People with Words" items appear around campus (2009.04.16)
2009.02.13 - Added writeups for: Bed with teddy bear appears in building 10 lounge (2008.12.17)
2008.10.18 - Added writeups for: Epiphany Toilet on Building 37 (2008.10.05)
2008.10.01 - Added writeups for: Mooninite Is Not a Bomb Banner (2007.04.13) , NASA Logo on the Dot (2008.10.01)
2008.09.30 - Added writeups for: V for Vendetta / Guy Fawkes Day at MIT (2007.11.5) , Violation Notices on Hacks (2008.09.29) , Trapped in a sign factory, send help! (2008.07.24)
2008.06.12 - New Hack Writeups Added
The hack gallery is now up to date as of June 2008. Check out the timeline. If anything is missing, let us know!
2008.06.02 - Added writeups for: Super Smash Bros. Brawl in Lobby 7 (2008.03.09) , D20 in Killian Court (2008.03.18) , Garden in CSAIL for April 1st (2008.04.01) , In Case of Zombie Attack, Break Glass (2008.04.10) , Media Test Wall Rickroll (2008.04.10) , I Will Hate This F***ing Place (2008.04.10) , UFO crashes into Stata (2008.04.13) , DTYD Bomber in lobby 7 (2008.04.18) , Do not hack. (2008.05.17)
2008.06.01 - Added writeups for: W20 Christmas Tree (2007.12.18) , Ben Franklin's Birthday (2008.01.17) , Stargate in E19 (2008.01.24) , Memorial to Sir Arthur Peckington (2008.02.xx) , Random Hall celebrates its birthday (2008.02.29)
2008.05.31 - Added writeups for: 6.001 Last Lecture (2007.12.15)
2007.12.29 - 26 New Hack Writeups Added
26 new hack writeups have been added to the gallery for hacks between 2000 and 2007 in the last several days. Check out the timeline.
2007.12.24 - Added writeups for: Larger-than-life board games around campus (2007.12.10) , Radome on 54 and building 10 decorated for Hitchhiker's Guide Movie (2005.04.29) , Revolving Campus (2005.06.04)
2007.10.25 - Hackers cheer on Boston Red Sox
In recognition of the the Red Sox competing in the 2007 Baseball World Series, hackers put a "GO SOX" banner above the New House dormitory. The Green Building (54) also had its lights turned on and off to spell "SOX" in a tradition known as "Greenspeak"
2007.10.06 - Added writeups for: Sputnik in Lobby 10 (2007.10.04)
2007.09.24 - Added writeups for: Purple Dome (2007.09.02) , John Harvard plays Halo3 (2007.09.24)
2007.07.21 - Added writeups for: Dark Mark from Harry Potter over Student Center (2007.07.21)
2007.07.20 - Added writeups for: Broomstick Parking for Harry Potter (2007.07.20)
2007.07.05 - Added writeups for: Red, White, and Blue Dome for Fourth of July (2007.07.04)
2007.07.04 - Added writeups for: Teardrop on dollar bill mural (2005.12.15)
2007.06.21 - Added writeups for: Great Dome goes Green (2007.06.20)
2007.06.13 - Added writeups for: I'll Have Thesis Finished Pronto at 2007 Commencement (2007.06.08)
2007.06.08 - Hack during 2007 commencement
During the 2007 Commencement ceremony, five white panels dropped down from the front of Killian Hall displaying the words I'll Have Thesis Finished Pronto.
2007.06.04 - Added writeups for: Building 9 turned into Building 9¾ for Harry Potter movie release (2005.11.17) , Harry Potter's Scar on the Dome (2005.07.16)
2007.05.20 - Added writeups for: Yellow cranks around campus (2007.02.18) , "Huge Ego" at Harvard-Yale game (2006.11.18)
2007.05.19 - Syndicated news feed added to the Gallery
There's now an xml/atom syndication feed of recent gallery news and write-up additions. This is also available through the mit_hacks feed on LiveJournal.
2007.05.17 - Added writeups for: Gehry Christmas Tree in Stata Center (2006.12.12-2007.02.xx)
2007.05.16 - Added writeups for: Large paper airplanes in Lobby 10 and Stata (2007.04.13-2007.04.15) , Parody of The Tech distributed by Caltech students (2007.04.13) , Where's Waldo? He's on the Stata Center... (2006.12.15)
2007.05.14 - Added writeups for: Playpen balls fall at xkcd lecture (2007.05.14)
2007.05.12 - Added writeups for: This sign has been hacked (2007.04.20) , Working traffic light in windows of building E25 (2007.04.15)
2007.05.11 - Site updates in progress
This site is undergoing significant updates. Some hacks after 1997 are missing write-ups and photos, but we're working on improving this. The timeline from 1997-present should be up-to-date, so please let us know if we're missing anything from it.
2007.05.09 - Added writeups for: Tropical Escape (2004.12.12)
2007.05.08 - Added writeups for: Amusing No Trespassing signs around campus (2004.12.20)
2007.05.07 - Added writeups for: Redsox logo on great dome (2004.10.29) , MIT Banner at Harvard Orientation (2004.09.17)
2007.05.02 - Added writeups for: Batman symbol on great dome (2006.04.16) , Bronzed Toolage (2004.11.11) , Infrared Line at Simmons Hall (2004.09.30)
2007.05.01 - Added writeups for: Go Sox! (2004.10.27)
2007.04.30 - Added writeups for: Red Sox Greenspeak (2004.10.21) , DNC Donkey Banner (2004.07.26) , I Hate The Flag Policy (2004.02.17)
2007.04.19 - Added writeups for: Marriage Proposal Drop Banner in Lobby 7 (2004.05.20)
2007.04.18 - Added writeups for: Property Office Sticker on Stata (2004.05.07) , Linux running on internet kiosks in Gates Building (2004.05.07) , Anti-harvard banner at CPW (2003.04.10)
2007.04.17 - Added writeups for: Anti-Harvard banner at PreFrosh Convocation (2004.04.16) , Transparent Horizons describes itself in East Campus style (2004.03.03) , Security vulnerability warnings at Gates talk (2004.02.26) , Spaceman Spiff Crashes into the Small Dome (2004.02.03)
2007.04.16 - CPW 2007 hacks
This was another campus preview weekend full of hacks, including a working traffic light in the windows of building E25 as well as a fake issue of The Tech distributed by Caltech.
2006.11.25 - Added writeups for: Peace, Love, and Linux Penguins in Condoms (2006.04.06)
2006.11.18 - Legend of Zelda hack on Dome; Hack on Harvard-Yale game
A Triforce from The Legend of Zelda appeared on the Great Dome to coincide with the launch of the Nintendo Wii gaming platform. Separately, the scoreboard of the Harvard-Yale game was modified to change the Harvard logo to contain "HUGE EGO".
2006.09.11 - Hackers placed a Fire Truck on the Great Dome.
2006.05.02 - Added writeups for: "MIT" sign in front of Stata Center changed to read "VOMIT" (2006.02.09)
2006.04.06 - Hacks abound during this Campus Preview Weekend! The Caltech Cannon has appeared on the MIT campus, courtesy of the Howe & Ser Moving Company. There's also a Linux Tux penguin in the skylight of the MIT Computer Science center.
2006.02.28 - A medal from the Torino 2006 Olympics appeared on the Great Dome.
2005.12.31 - 2005 Overview: 2005 saw hacks including the Mario Brothers invading the Infinite Corridor, a Harry Potter scar on the Great Dome, the widely publicized Time Traveller's Convention, celebrations of the inauguration of President Hockfield as the new MIT President, various decorations for the Hitchhiker's Guide movie, as well as many others. We are working to bring you photos and write-ups of these and more.
2004.09.15 - Vannevar Shrubbery Room at the entrance to 10-105.
2004.09.14 - The first floor of building 10 has a new room: 10-105.5, the Vannevar Shrubbery Room. You can find it near the Vannevar Bush room.
2004.03.03 - The infamous Transparent Horizons sculpture at East Campus was modified to describe itself. A photo is coming soon.
2004.02.26 - Security alerts showed up at a talk on campus by Bill Gates. Images of the alerts coming soon.
2004.02.17 - A banner reading "I Hate The Flag Policy" appeared strung between the roofs of the MacGregor and Simmons dormitories -- across the entire athletic field. Photos will be up shortly...
2003.12.17 - There's a Wright Brother's flyer on the Great Dome!. Some pictures are up now and more will be coming soon...
2003.12.17 - Wright Flyer on the Great Dome celebrates 100 years of flight
2003.10.25 - This morning, a pirate flag (with a Beaver's skull and cross-slide-rule) appeared on the Great Dome along with a banner reading "Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Jolt". Photos will be posted shortly.
2003.07.02 - Added writeup for April IHTFP balloons.
2003.07.02 - Added writeup and photos for IHTFP Balloons
2003.06.20 - Make Way for Cruftlings: A line of monitors follows its leader across lobby 7. Writeup now available.
2003.06.20 - Make Way for Cruftlings in Lobby 7
2003.05.11 - Mother's Day! A heart with "MOM" in it appeared on the Great Dome. Photos will be available shortly.
2003.05.11 - Mom on the Dome for Mother's day.
2003.05.10 - Added writeups for: Alphabet Blocks in Lobby 7, Post-It picture on List Center Media Test Wall
2003.05.10 - Added writeups for: Alphabet Blocks in Lobby 7, Post-It picture on List Center Media Test Wall
2003.04.23 - Hundreds of gnomes of various sizes and appearances have invaded and infested the W20-575 Athena cluster in the MIT student center.
2003.04.23 - Hundreds of gnomes invaded the Student Center Athena cluster
2003.03.xx - A new book on hacks from MIT press is now available: Nightwork: A History of Hacks and Pranks at MIT.
2003.02.22 - Added writeups for: Waffle House banner on Simmons Hall; Geeks Crossing sign on Memorial Drive ; Axes of Evil in Lobby 7
2003.02.20 - MIT Black Morbid Fling Together parodied real match-making services on Valentine's Day.
Also, hackers hung a Welcome to the Academy banner from the Student Center.
2003.02.19 - Welcome to the Academy banner hung from Student Center
2003.02.14 - MIT Black Morbid Fling Together parody
2003.01.30 - Robots turned out to call for Robot Rights and protest the 6.270 Robot Competition.
2003.01.30 - Robots staged a Robot Rights protest prior to the 6.270 competition
2002.12.18 - The Eye of Sauron appeared in the Lobby 7 skylight, corresponding with the opening of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.
2002.12.18 - Eye of Sauron in Lobby 7 skylight
2002.10.10 - The Discovery Channel is airing a documentary this week on MIT students creating a crop circle. More information is available from the News Office.
2002.04.17 - Readers of MIT's official publication, Tech Talk, sported confused looks before noticing that this week's issue is a hack. Highlights: Simmons Hall delayed indefinitely; students to be housed in tents.
2002.04.02 - Added Wheel of Tuition in Lobby 7 skylight.
2002.02.04 - A Wheel of Tuition appeared today in the newly-renovated Lobby 7 skylight, but had been taken down by shortly after noon.
2001.12.17 - A "gold" ring with Elvish script appeared on the Great Dome, in anticipation of the Lord of the Rings movie. Photos and write-up are now available.
2001.10.31 - R2D2 made a visit to Lobby 10 for Halloween. On closer inspection, the life-sized droid was constructed from a discarded NMR magnet.
2001.10.19 - Performance hackers dressed in biohazard suits searched the Student Center for anthrax.
2001.09.17 - The week after the terrorist attacks, a giant American flag flew below the Dome. Photo and writeup now available.
2001.08.25 - The end of Rush as we know it. On Saturday, August 25, 2001, a number of hacks celebrated the last-ever Killian Kickoff and mourned the passing of Rush. A massive carved inscription reading "So long, and thanks for all the frosh" appeared on the face of Building 10 overnight. Also, hackers paraded into Killian Court before the start of Rush, bearing a giant gravestone marked "RIP Rush." The fake fraternity Gamma Alpha Gamma also made an appearance at Killian Kickoff, as well as various other Rush locations. Writeup coming soon.
2001.08.25 - Writeups for two Killian Kickoff hacks: the inscription on the face of Building 10 and the gravestone for Rush.
2001.06.08 - During the Commencement ceremony on Friday, June 8, 2001, a large balloon floated over Killian Court and dropped parachuting beavers over the graduates.
2001.05.22 - The Great Dome seems to have cracked under a giant weight, labeled "48 Units" (a full MIT courseload). Writeup and photos now available.
2001.05.21 - "Outlook hazy" - The radar dome of the Green Building was turned into a "magic pi ball" on May 21, 2001, perhaps to help students predict the outcome of this week's finals. Writeup and photo now available.
2001.05.11 - "So Long, and Thanks for All the Wit" - A banner honoring Douglas Adams, who passed away on May 11, 2001, appeared above Killian Court in the early hours of Thursday, May 17. The author's books, including "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", are cult classics at MIT and around the world.
2001.05.01 - Writeups added for the finals week hacks: the Tech dinghy in Chapel moat, the Magic Pi Ball, and the weight on the Great Dome.
2001.03.22 - A crack (hack?) excavation team uncovered a large black monolith in Lobby Seven during the early hours of the morning, Friday, March 23rd, 2001. (hmm, there seems to be a theme here... East Campus, Killian Court, Lobby 7....) Institute workers were quick to remove the site ...no doubt a cover-up.
2001.03.21 - The student curators of the MIT Hack Gallery have been busy tooling on classes and are way behind on keeping these pages up to date. Past about 1997, there's quite a bit which has happened but hasn't properly been documented here. We're making some effort to, at least, get the timeline up to date, so please let us know if we're missing anything (particularly in the 1997-present timeframe).
2000.04.01 - There was no hack for April Fool's Day this year, as declared by the banner on Building 10.
1999.05.17 - The Great Dome was transformed into R2-D2's top panel. Coincidentally, Phantom Menace opens on Wednesday 5/19. Photos will be available ASAP. A few pointers to coverage are now available.
1999.04.6 - A concrete bunker with an elevator door on it appeared among the ruins of Building 20 (which was in the process of being torn down). A panel of lights above the door indicated that an elevator was moving around between the floors B1 and B5.
1998.07.xx - Writeups for Paper Airplane in Lobby 7 and for Oscar on the Green Building.
1998.05.20 - A String of Jolt bottles dedicated to "MIT professors who necessitate extreme caffeination" appeared in Lobby 10.
1998.05.19 - The words "ALL HAIL PASS/FAIL" appeared in the skylight above Lobby 7. A writeup will be available soon.
1998.05.18 - A huge "Monopoly[tm]" board labelled "Aramark featuring Monopoly" appeared hanging above the central stairwell of the Stratton Student Center. Aramark currently holds the contract to run all of the dining halls on campus. More photos will be available shortly.
1998.04.01 - Hackers changed the main MIT web page in the spirit of April Fools Day. A snapshot of the hacked version is being archived here.
1998.03.25 - This web site has moved to http://hacks.mit.edu/Hacks/. Please change any bookmarks or links you may have to reflect this change.
1998.03.24 - To commemorate the closing of historic Building 20, hackers hung a large, red "deactivated sticker" on the building.
1998.03.24 - The lights on the MIT Green Building were turned on and off in the form of an Oscar[tm], supposedly to celebrate Good Will Hunting winning an academy award. Reports indicate that the story was covered on Channel 5. This practice of putting images on the Green Building in lights is called "greenspeak". A writeup of this hack is now available here.
1998.011.30 - Large orange ribbons, symbols of a student campaign, appeared all over campus. Photos will be available shortly.
1997.10.xx - Writeups for Gargoyles in Lobby 7 and for The TeX Files hack issue of The Tech.
1997.09.xx - New writeup for Implications of Infinity Equalling 47.2 Rods.
1997.07.xx - New writeups for The Absolut Tech, Dead Fishbowl, and Cheese on the Dome.
1997.02.xx - New writeup for The Sink.
1996.11.xx - New writeups for Push Core for New Roll, Do Not Open Until Christmas 2014 on Building 14 handicapped entrance, ``MIT Card Coming Soon'', ``The Great Wind'', Banners at the Gates Visit, and Foo Bar on July 4th.
1996.04.xx - New writeups for John Harvard--Unabomber suspect "You must be at least this smart to use Athena workstations." signs on Athena computer clusters, Mickey Mouse clock in Walker Memorial, Balloons on Transparent Horizon, and "scrubbing bubbles" on the Media Lab, "RESNET: Because you can't masturbate in the clusters" posters in Athena computer clusters, and Happy Vector Day. New pictures added to U.S.S. Enterprise in Lobby 7 and Grumpy Fuzzball meets Athena.
1996.02.xx - New hack: "You must be at least this smart to use Athena workstations." posters on Athena computer clusters. Improved page for Best of the IHTFP Hack Gallery.
1996.01.xx - New writeup for Hacking Series Committee calendar.
1995.11.xx - New hack: Mickey Mouse clock in Walker Memorial.
1995.07.xx - Added a few additions to the "MicroSoft" posters. New writeup for Candy Cane Pillars at 77 Mass. Ave.
1995.05.xx - Added a picture for the Great Dome Pumpkin.
1995.04.xx - New writeups for Bathroom Athena Cluster and Nightline Meets Mr. Peterson.
1994.11.xx - Initial writeups for the "MicroSoft" posters, Great Dome Pumpkin [reprise], and "Sport Death" Protest hacks have been generated. Additionally, an online blurb for the MIT Museum exhibit Hall of Hacks is now available.
1994.10.xx - Initial writeups for the Jurassic Skylight and Jurassic Research Labs hacks are now available.
1994.08.xx - The whole IHTFP Hack Gallery is new! Check here again in a month or so.
1994.08.31 - Writeups of the Lobby 7 hack, the Freshman Picnic hack and the housing assignments letter hack have been added.
1994.06.25 - Initial revision of the top-level gallery page.